Dr. Douglas N. Clayton Senior Vice President, Learning & Development

Dr. Douglas N. Clayton Senior Vice President, Learning & Development

Dr. Clayton is the Senior Vice President, Learning & Development at a global firm that is
considered the world’s leading provider of satellite services. Doug works primarily in Princeton, NJ and spends several months per year working in Europe. His role includes leading the global Learning and Development and Knowledge Management functions.

A native of New Jersey, Doug earned his doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania (PennCLO executive program) and is an alumnus of the Wharton Business School. His doctoral dissertation topic, Total Recall: Using Film to Enhance Learning, involved a global experiment that resulted in empirical evidence that using film in a company learning setting can enhance learning. Doug also earned an M.S. in Human Resources Development from Villanova University. Doug conducts ongoing research, has been published, and is a speaker on the topic of film and learning, including a session as an adjunct teacher at Penn’s CLO doctoral program.


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  1. Doug: Sorry to have missed you, and meeting your lovely wife (though not as lovely as my wife). I was busy with some education stuff. I am very impressed with you being not just a film Doc, but you are “The” film Doc. You were very impressive also in your U of P interview, I can say ” I knew you when, when we were checking out all the young ladies in bikinis at Robert’s Pool”. gotta run, talk to you soon.

    PS: My daughter said you were a “funny guy”.

    • Hey Dr. Tim, thanks for the message. It was nice to catch up with Monica and to meet your nice daughter. I appreciate your comments. Hope to see you at Bob’s crib some time. Doug