Film and Learning — 4 Comments

  1. You don’t distinguish between consumers and producers! Where does most impact come from? I think that the means of production is so freely available and the cost of entry so small we can see the world filmically and that is a massive opportunity rather than simply consume. Old media and new media??

    • Hi Nigel, thanks for your questions and observation. I’m sure we’ll explore various areas that result in greater or less learning impact. At first, however, we’ll focus on the impact that film can have on the learner (consumer). We’ll share examples of how Learning and Development professionals (producers) have effectively created or delivered film to learners. You make a good point that because filming or videoing is available to almost everyone, it’s a potentially powerful and incredibly effective method to help folks learn. And let me say that it means a lot to me that you, a very effective Professor from the PennCLO program, have blogged here on the topic. Looking forward to more interaction with you. Cheers!

  2. Films provide a great vehicle for gaining a deeper knowledge of self and others by identifying and discussing the values of the characters and how those values propel behavior.

    A great HR tool for the benefit of all employees.

    I’ll look forward to more info:) Best to you–

  3. Hi Mary Ann, thanks for your comment and glad that you’ll be checking in. I can guarantee that future blogs will give examples of film clips that successfully helped folks gain knowledge of corporate values, moving through negative change, collaboration, and strategy to name a few. Looking forward to exchanging ideas in the near future. Warm regards.