You wanna ride who?? The Language Effect — 7 Comments

  1. Dear Douglas,
    I might eventually be able to finish reading your article once I stop laughing after the first part!!!
    Thank you for this: you made my day!

    …and of course, thank you for your invaluable contributions.
    More please!


  2. You totally sucked me in. Loved your use of one of Gagnet’s nine events of instruction (gain attention)! Very important and useful finding for addressing global audiences especially with sensitive content.
    Keep them coming!

    • Good observation Shawn. In our training we try hard to gain attention by using films and humor. Ultimately, we try to answer the big “why?”: Why does this training matter to me? This is accomplished by using relevant facts, also supported by films and humor when appropriate. Thanks very much for responding.

  3. Emailed to me by a retired public school teacher: “I totally agree with your conclusion. People pay closer attention and concentrate more when they are presented with something different. I found this to be true with teaching especially when I taught Basic Skills. Multiplication facts when just presented with numbers on a piece of paper did nothing to get the children to learn them because that is what they were used to doing. Presenting them with games, flash cards, typing on the computer, and films definitely helped the children to learn because it was different.
    Thanks for sharing your blog.

  4. Your writing style is so humorous. I find myself wondering how much is true and how much you are pulling our legs. And then you switch to your real learning message, the purpose of your blog. Good Job!