The Name is Bond, James Bond — 10 Comments

    • You tell the story the same way you made the movie. So full of enthusiasm and emotion. I see why your colleagues had a thunderous applause at the end. An experience they will never forget, fun at work, lessons to remember and the executives’participation…priceless. Good job Duck!

  1. Great piece Doug! I was one of the lucky ones to have had the opportunity to view this short film. As Doug, Dewwg, Duck said, it was a true success!

  2. Dewg/Duck (so funny) — This is so well-written and enjoyable that I think you should try your hand at some serious novel writing. You’d be great at telling a good detective story in the style of Nelson DeMille and Harlan Coben. And now that you have personal knowledge of European countries, you will be able to throw in some international intrigue. And I will be your proud big sister who will say, “I knew him when…” Justine

  3. So proud of all the work you do but like I said before, you seriously should consider writing a book … many books, you have a rare talent for story-telling, filming, writing, all goes hand in hand, you certainly capture the audience!!